Smoking delivers the pure power of flower—I•FEL makes it easy.


I•Fel Pipe


Smoking refined. This elegantly designed pipe is the purest way to enjoy the power of flower. The patent-pending, unbreakable food-grade silicone design and easy-to-clean features make it the portable piece you can count on.

1 pipe in Amethyst or Graphite finish.

Includes 1 reusable I•FEL Pod (Flower not included)

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Pods sold separately.

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Smoking made simple

The perfect pairing of pipe and pod is not only convenient and easy to clean, but it also provides a consistent experience you can count on anytime.


1. Pick a Pod

Each I•FEL pod contains pristine, USDA Certified Organic high-CBD hemp flower. Choose a pod for your desired effects.


2. Pop It In

Your pod contains the perfect dose—no mess or measurement required.


3. Light it Up

The relaxing act of smoking allows your body and mind to instantly feel the benefits of your unique pod.